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Smile makeovers are transformative. It’s possible to look younger, healthier, smarter, more successful, and happier with just one cosmetic dentistry or restorative procedure.

The term “smile makeover” has a broad definition and can encompass any number of dental procedures. In essence, a smile makeover constitutes the procedures that give you a healthy mouth and make you feel better about your teeth, smile, and entire self.

People who feel better about themselves and their appearance go on to exude the confidence necessary to land the second date, nail the job interview, snag the promotion, or make the big sale. A smile makeover does more than just redo your smile – it’s a makeover for your life.

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Smile makeovers often consist of the following procedures:

  • Porcelain veneers: People with chipped, damaged, missing, stained, or misaligned teeth often opt for the very popular porcelain veneers. If you’ve ever wanted a movie star smile, this is a sure way to obtain it, and the work can be done in only two visits, resulting in a pearly white, natural-looking, strong smile. For an even faster alternative to porcelain veneers that still offers the same amazing results, choose Lumineers.
  • Dental implants: Many people suffer from tooth loss, whether from decay, disease, or an accident. Dental implants have created a way for patients to have a permanent solution to tooth loss, and this smile restoration solution can be completed in just two visits. The dental implant itself is an artificial tooth root placed in your gum – this foundation holds a replacement tooth or bridge to give you secure teeth (no more worrying about eating chewy foods or having loose dentures when you speak) and a beautiful, natural smile.
  • Teeth whitening: Some patients simply want to brighten up their teeth, and fast. An in-office professional teeth whitening appointment will get the job done in just a one-hour visit. The transformation is remarkable and those stunningly white teeth can last for up to three years.
  • Restorative dentistry: Whether your smile is breaking down because of age, poor oral health care, or any other reason, restorative dentistry gives you the opportunity to reclaim a more youthful, healthy look. Non-metal tooth restorations can replace your worn-out silver fillings, crowns, and bridges. Jaw bone  and gum tissue grafting can replace missing gum tissue and stop the progression of gum recession.
  • Laser periodontal treatment: Smile makeovers are often necessary because people are suffering from serious periodontal disease that is making their teeth literally fall apart. Gum disease and gingivitis can be treated below the gum line and in between the teeth to flush out bacteria causing the infection. This gives you the healthy foundation necessary to proceed with an amazing smile makeover.

Patients who opt for a smile makeover are typically prepared to have multiple cosmetic dentistry and restorative procedures completed at one time. IV sedation dentistry makes it possible to endure an extensive number of changes or restorations in complete comfort and relaxation. You’ll go to “sleep” with your old smile and awake to a brand new you! Sedation dentistry also enables people with severe anxiety about the dentist to schedule a smile makeover and achieve the smile they’ve always wanted but never thought they could have because of their fears.