Beautiful, healthy teeth can be yours with Crowns and Bridges custom designed by Dr. Cintron!

Dental Restoration by Dr. Cintron – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If you have experienced a broken tooth, are missing a tooth, or have large fillings, then a crown or bridge may provide you with a long-lasting and permanent solution to fix your tooth and restore its appearance.

The health and well-being of your teeth plays a large role in your overall health. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Cintron uses nontoxic, non-mercury materials to provide you with crowns and bridges that are designed to strengthen and support your tooth or teeth while returning them to their original shape and size.

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Dr. Cintron – The Smile Expert

Using advanced and holistic technologies, Dr. Cintron will meet with you to determine what type of treatment you need.

  • Dental crowns are typically used to repair a tooth after the removal of a large filling or after a root canal because the strength of the tooth has been compromised. They can also be used to cover misshapen or discolored teeth.
  • Dental bridges contain two dental crowns with an artificial tooth or teeth between them. The crowns are fitted to the teeth on each side of the artificial tooth to provide an anchor for the bridge.

While dental implants are becoming a preferred option for tooth replacement, some situations still call for dental bridges. Whether fitting dental crowns, bridges, or implants, Dr. Citron ensures your safety and well-being by using non-metal crowns and bridges, and by offering the most natural, holistic options available.

We provide multiple methods of payment to make a brighter, whiter, and healthier smile possible. Call today for a more beautiful, kissable smile tomorrow!